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Helping others through the big “D”. 91307 market stats.How about those mortgage rates? Fall interior Design Trends. And more…


Divorce. It’s one of those major life events that often involves some decision around housing, either for one person, both, or the entire family.

A Story. When I first met my clients back in April, I recall sitting at the kitchen table, talking to them about their plans and goals for selling their home. What I quickly learned was that after two years of going through the divorce process, this couple had finally agreed it was time to sell the family home. As difficult as it was, they knew It was best for everyone to move on. It’s a scenario that happens all too often…

How to Help. Divorce is stressful. So is selling a home, buying a home, and moving. When combined, it can feel overwhelming. Here are 5 tips that help clients through selling a home due to a divorce.



Neighborhood: West Hills 91307 (September ’18 stats):

New listings: 37                       Active listings: 79

Closed sales: 24                      Median days on market: 18

Avg. price per square foot:      $413 (+5.1% from last year)

Avg. sales price:                      $997,979 (+46.3% from last year)


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Data provided by Infosparks Market.


How About Those Mortgage Rates?
  • As of last week, mortgage rates moved back over the 5% threshold on average.
  • Compared to this time last year or over the past several years, yep, rates are higher and continue to move upward.
  • Compared to 10 years ago just before the market “meltdown”, rates are approximately 1.5% lower.
  • More than 10 years ago, rates are still very much historically low, with the highest rates seen in 1980 at 16.4%! Now 5% doesn’t look so bad.

Mortgage rates change daily and are based on a variety of criteria, are specific to your situation (ie credit, purpose of loan, occupancy, equity, etc.), and vary by lender.

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Data provided by Mortgage News Daily.


11 Interior Design Trends for Fall 2018.

Want to spruce up your décor for selling or just for fun? Check out these design trends:

  1. Curved sofas, 2. modern neutrals, 3. marble makes a comeback, 4. monochromatic warmth & comfort, 5. geometric patterns, 6. global nomad, 7. bringing black in the kitchen, 8. organic earth tones, 9. natural tan & camel palette, 10. bold, graphic rugs, 11. mixed materials & maximalism.

Full article by Dering Hall, Contributor, Forbes.




New Homes Being Built in West Hills.

Ground has been broken on a new development in West Hills. The New Heights project is located at 22135 Roscoe Blvd, West Hills. Plans call for 43 single family residences with lot sizes ranging between 1,900-2,290 square feet. Vertical construction of New Heights is expected to begin in December, just around the corner.

Are You a New or New-to-the-Area Mom?

Meet: MOMS Club of Woodland Hills (MCWH). MCWH is a local chapter of International MOMS Club, a non-profit organization. It’s a great way to make friends with other stay-at-home or work-from-home moms in Woodland Hills, West Hills, and Calabasas while serving the local community. General Meetings are open to the public. And, yours truly, is this year’s fundraising chair. Seriously, it’s a great little community of MOMS if you are looking for that kind of support.

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